Bundle Of Sorrow, Bundle of Joy

(A. McGarrigle, Garden Court Music, ASCAP)

In middle fall when northern winds blow the clouds every which way
And the temperature is variable in the course of a shortened day
The ghost of summer lingers on in the dyin’ rays of the sun
And winter waits to heap its snow upon us by the ton

I jam a log into the stove and hasten to shut the door
In the room upstairs sleeps a baby boy who wasn’t there before

I love my kid
My baby, my boy
Bundle of sorrow, bundle of joy
Bundle of sorrow, bundle of joy

Who knows what this year will bring, for us just what’s in store
While the whistlepigs are bedded down beneath the woodshed floor
How many pounds the child will gain, the inches that he grows
Will depend upon the measure of the love that we show

Chainsaws whine out in woods, the geese have taken flight
And the daytime sounds of birds give way to coyotes in the night

(Repeat Chorus)

Once there were just two of us, now there’s another mouth to feed
And when he’s taken from the breast, can we meet his every need?
We filled our home with toys and clothes to suit his every whim
And he’s filled our hearts with wondrous love that flows right back to him

The young grass grows up through the old, the lilac lives again
Upon a painted lattice-work a little rose ascends

(Repeat Chorus)

© 2010 Kate & Anna McGarrigle, All rights reserved.