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Sat april 23 7 pm Centretown United Church Ottawa Ont

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Jane and Anna read from MOUNTAIN CITY GIRLS and perform a couple of songs

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Radio Star – Martha Wainwright

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Watching the news tonight, my heart goes out to all you poor NYorkers and New Jerseyites. I pray for you all and wish I could do something. Come to Montreal if you can. It’s a great place. There’s lots of room here. We need some serious immigration to Canada!

This video was inspired by Martha’s song Radio Star on her latest CD Come Home to Mama and the amazing full-Moons we’ve had lately that I’m in the habit of filming from our front porch. Sounds a bit grand. I use an old Flip videocam that I put on a tripod then go back in the kitchen and make supper while the Moon rises. The problem is the Moon is small and moves so slowly that I had to figure out ways to make it bigger, manipulate it and make it do silly stuff. I worship Steve Jobs (and proud of it) and everybody at Apple for making it the most innovative company that ever was/IS for us the artist/individualist/musician. Thank you Martha, Moon, Nessie, albino squirrel and cute dogs from Montreal’s Plateau, and Sylvan L. for putting it together for me in Final Cut.

Radio Star by Martha Wainwright from a. lanken on Vimeo.

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Dink’s Song aka Fare Thee Well

Friday, July 31st, 2009

We didn’t make the cut for the 90 min. version of the Seeger 90th show that PBS is airing this Sunday night, so here we are doing Dink’s Song, our contribution. Kate, Bruce, Martha, Rufus, Chaim and Anna. We frankly thought it was beautiful but I guess it didn’t have enough star power. We first heard Dave Van Ronk sing it in Montreal in the early 60s. P.S. This performance was included in the 2 hr special that was aired in some markets. It’s also on the Seeger 90th DVD.

Dink\'s Song

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McGarrigle/Cockburn/Wainwright/Tannenbaum – Fare Thee Well or Dink’s Song

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Still dwelling on the Seeger event. Couldn’t find a youtube that had both visual and sound performance of Dink’s Song♥ aka Fare Thee Well which features Kate McGarrigle vocal & guitar, Bruce Cockburn vocal & guitar, Martha Wainwright vocal, Rufus Wainwright vocal with Chaim Tannenbaum echo harp and Anna McGarrigle accordion. Somebody has posted just the sound on youtube, better than nothing at all. Thank you.
Fare Thee Well/aka Dink's Song.

♥Story has it the song was collected in 1908 by John Lomax who heard a woman (presumably Dink) sing it. Dink was living in a tent on the banks of the Brazos River in Texas and she was doing her laundry. (Kate: take note) It’s utterly heartbreaking. “If I had wings like Noah’s dove, I’d fly up the river to the one I love, Fare thee well, my honey, fare thee well… Maple Byrne, who works with Emmylou, when asked to name his favorite songwriter, replied: “Dink.” We first heard Dave Van Ronk do it in Montreal in the early 60s. Pete S. sang the song with banjo accompaniment and Barbara Dane had sort of a hit with it. Don’t know if there’s a recording of Dink singing her song (1908?) but she will live forever as long as people call it by its name, Dink’s Song.

Read down this article to where the reviewer calls our performance the musical highlight of the evening, no less..we thought it was too. It is the Irish Times and they may be just a little biased…There were many great moments. I think Amazing Grace did it for me.

Also putting in a link for BEFORE TOMORROW/LE JOUR AVANT LE LENDEMAIN this film Kate and I have some music in. It was released in late March and we didn’t have our new site up then. Here is a poster for it.354339

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