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Snapshot from around 1967.

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Ron Doleman, Kate McGarrigle, Christopher Weldon circa 1967

Just found this pic in an email to Kate in 2006 sent on a server I seldom use. I took it around 1967 outside where I lived. Sorry for the poor quality. It was a slide that was scanned.

Helene de Montigny, my room mate and fellow Beaux-Arts student, McGill students: Ron Doleman, Kate McGarrigle, and her boyfriend Chris Weldon on m’cycle, Daniel Couvreur, also at the Beaux-Arts, outside 1817 rue St Luc Montréal now deMaisonneuve W. where Helene and I lived. Chris always called her Catherine and his nickname was Colossus. Before Matapedia became known as such it was the Ballad of Catherine and Colossus.

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