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Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Arcangelo and I at the July 4 2016 launch for Entre la jeunesse et la sagesse (French translation of Mountain City Girls by Rachel Martinez.) Photo by David Young.

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Hillside Festival in Guelph, Ont. McGarrigle Sideshow starring The Trapped Family Singers as Jane is calling us.

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

This evening July 23 Jane and I, Martha Wainwright, Sylvan and Lily Lanken, Vinnie Dow and Kathleen Weldon, GG and Islay McMillan will be doing a strange little gig, a one off. It’s a kind of homage to our grandfather James E. McGarrigle who was an itinerant projectionist early in the 20th century. Apparently a couple of his children, little Jim and Anna both musicians, would sometimes do the opener. Jane and I will do a short reading from Mountain City Girls where it pertains to James E. plus Vinnie and Kathleen have made two short films. One, ‘Cornman’ was shot in Alexandria last year and stars Dane, Arcangelo, Sylvan, Kathleen and Nessie Bonneau, music by Peter Weldon (founding member of the Mountain City Four with Kate and me and Jack Nissenson) and Jane. The second ‘Lost Inn’ was shot two summers ago in St Sauveur and stars GG and Islay, Jane, little Anna, Bob McMillan, Vinnie and Peter Weldon with a cameo by Arcangelo. Music is also by Jane and Peter. Then we’ll all do some songs by Kate and one by me. Oh, and Arcangelo and Francis Albetta will also be there. Let’s hope we can carry it off. I’d say break a leg, but we already have one casualty, Martha. She sprained her ankle rather badly a couple of weeks ago playing tennis with Brad and gets around with a crutch, like Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. Photos by Anna Dow.

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Pronto Monto CD on Omnivore Label

Monday, July 11th, 2016

The long-lost 3rd recording for Warner Bros is now available on CD on the Omnivore label. The initial release of this recording co-incided with the birth of my daughter Lily in early 1979 and when Kate & I set off for Europe to do press and media to support it, 3 month-old Lily came along as did our sister Jane. Pronto Monto was a bit of a departure after our first two Warner recordings which tended to be more folky. It is richly-produced by David Nichtern of ‘Midnight at the Oasis’ fame and sounds quite beautiful, especially Kate’s stately ‘Stella by Artois’. ‘NaCl’ made its first appearance on this recording and it’s nice to hear Kate’s take on the romance between handsome Sodium and fun-loving Chlorine resulting in table salt. Lot was a pillar of the community, his wife a pillar of salt. ‘Bundle of Sorrow, Bundle of Joy’ written about son Sylvan’s arrival into the World sure brings back a lot of very sweet memories. By the end of 1979, Kate and I had split with Warners.

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Entre la jeunesse et la sagesse

Monday, July 11th, 2016

La traduction par Rachel Martinez de ‘Mountain City Girls’ par Anna et Jane McGarrigle est maintenenant disponible chez Flammarion Québec.

Entre la jeunesse et la sagesse

Sylvain Cormier pour Le Devoir

Alain de Repentigny pour La Presse

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