Stella By Artois

(K. McGarrigle, Garden Court Music, ASCAP)

In Rotterdam, ’77
I had a birthday
We were on the road to nowhere
Lookin’ for somewhere to make it a night
To call it a day

And we drank cheap champagne from italy
It was pink, alcoholic, and bubbly
And the boys in the band gave me a candle
Marches to light it for my bedside table
And I let you light it for the first time that night

So light the candle one more time
For tomorrow I’ll be goin’ and I’ve grown used to the light
Night after night, the same flame glowin’
Won’t you light it just one more time

God knows, I want to stay
By your side, night and day
And to hold you and be held in return
As we did from the south of France clear through to Galway
I can’t help the things I say

In Rotterdam, ’77
I had a birthday

© 2010 Kate & Anna McGarrigle, All rights reserved.