Song For Gaby

The white-throated sparrow sings a lonesome song
And only serves to remind me that my dear mother’s gone
My dear mother’s gone
The sky had clouded over
The sun had gone away
One sad afternoon
In the unmerry month of May

The pink and yellow lillies still haunt with their perfume
And only serve to remind me of her lying in that room
Of her lying in that room
The rain was coming down
As they took her out the door
Never to return
To her dear home anymore

Jane was in the choir-loft with Rufus at her side
They played and sang “What’ll I Do When You Are Far Away”
And they waltzed her down the aisle

There’ll be no more banjo-weekends
Not in St-Sauveur
No more little white-haired mother
Sitting in an Adirondack chair
Sitting in an Adirondack chair

The rain and the tears came down
As they put her in the ground
With her parents and her husband and her sisters all around
And her sisters all around

© 2009 Kate & Anna McGarrigle, All rights reserved.