St. Valentines Day 1978

Red running shoes with crumbling soles
Clashed with pink pearls ’round my love wanton soul
My body was attired in jute, jean and satin
I waited for Valentine
The day past quickly, it was soon afternoon
Not long to wait for a chance to swoon
At my door there came a knock
Left a smudge for a mark
He was gone
But he gave me his black heart

Black heart tied with a ribbon narrow
Now thoroughly framed hangs from the piano
To the right just a bit above my middle C
And might as well be inside of me

Red hearts are red
Black heart is true
Inviolate noble and new
The one who must free you is frequently blue
And can’t find the key and has no clue

If I never found these
Would it be so bad
You’d gather dust and I’d go mad
Trying to hard to find the notes
To make that beautiful chord
And make the bastards fall with lumps in their throats

Poor little muse cut from a paper
Fading fast as our lives taper
Your edges are curled
You’ve lost your heart shape
My hair’s gone grey
There was no escape

Red hearts are red
Black heart is true
Inviolate, noble and new
My body was tired, so much for passion
Bye bye Valentine

© 2009 Kate & Anna McGarrigle, All rights reserved.