On My Way to Town

On my way to town
Got my money in my secret pocket
On my way to town
Till I get there I won’t turn around
I’m dropping pebbles in my tracks
I will not get lost when I come back
On my way to town
Got my lunch tucked in another pocket
On my way to town
And I will only stop to wash it down
Cool water is good enough
Can’t waste my gold on finer stuff

Got to keep your mind on the maps
Feet on the ground and your eyes on the traps
Jewels that shine and pleasures that blind
Ties that bind and you’re left behind

I know this road
I was on it a long time ago
I know this road
And I know every mine that could explode
You gotta keep walking on through the rain
Trees that shelter fall and bring you pain

And when I get to town
I will go straight to market
When I get to town
I will do my best until the sun goes down
And come the end of day
I’ll look for the stones I dropped along the way

© 2009 Kate & Anna McGarrigle, All rights reserved.