Midnight Flight

Now I think it’s time to go
For I have prolonged my stay
I can tell by the clouds that cover the moon
That it’s time to be on my way
I could take that flight at midnight
Or set sail with the rising tide
My bags are packed, I won’t be back
Quietly out of your life I’ll slide

Now I’m not saying that I want to go
You’re not saying that you want me to stay
And this moment doesn’t come easy or often
So I’ll take advantage and be on my way

Bye bye bye bye
Bye bye bye bye
Bye bye baby bye bye
Cry cry cry cry
Cry cry cry
Bye bye baby bye bye

Why oh why must I fly away
While you can stay
Why must I say bye bye
Bye bye bye bye
Ooh ooh….
Bye bye
Ooh…bye bye

Now I don’t know where I’m going
Or how long I will be away
Whether it’s dark as the North Pole in winter
Or as bright as a summer’s day

The time has come I hear the final call
All aboard for the Midnight Flight
Though the pain is deep
I know I’ll fall asleep
And wake up in tomorrow’s light

Bye bye baby
Bye bye…

© 2009 Kate & Anna McGarrigle, All rights reserved.