Babies If I Didn’t Have You

I had a dream last night
That gave my heart a fright
I dreamt that someone had come and taken you
From me
When I woke in the morning light
My dream had been wrong
And these words were like a sweet song
To me

“Mama, the small hand’s at eight
Get up or I’ll be late
Please fix me something sweet and good
To eat now

For that bell in the yard won’t wait
And neither does time”
These words rang like a sad rhyme
To me

With my eyes barely open
I pulled myself out of my warm bed
The night before had been a long one
And I could hardly hold up my head

But the sun always rises
And night fades away
Once more I’m grateful
to see a new day

Whether it’s right or wrong
You keep my head screwed on
You are reality and fantasy all in one

You’re my reason for going on
And I don’t know what I’d do
Babies if I didn’t have you

© 2009 Kate & Anna McGarrigle, All rights reserved.