Fixture In The Park

(A. McGarrigle, Garden Court Music, ASCAP)

This park is my living room
This bench is my love seat
Green grass is my broadloom, lying beneath my feet
It takes me back to when I was a girl
It was here that I came to, my young world
A victim in the dark, of love’s near fatal spark
By the light of the moon
Our fervor sustained by the night hawk’s refrain
What bliss, what sweet ruin

These memories are fixed in time, though faintly gossamer
I hope that yours will be like mine
And stay with you all your years
To take you back to when you were a girl
Your first rendezvous in a younger world
A fixture in the park, where I stay till it’s dark
Then I go to my room
I seldom complain sitting out in the rain
God’s earth must consume

By the light of the moon
What bliss, what sweet ruin

© 2010 Kate & Anna McGarrigle, All rights reserved.