Dead Weight

(A. McGarrigle, Garden Court Music, ASCAP)

You say that it’s hard, I’m sayin’ it’s easily done
Buddy, won’t you make up your mind
I’m sayin’ that it’s easy that i’ll have no regrets
Get your things together, and get yourself out of my home

You’re a dead weight
And I can’t wait
To see the back of you

You’re like a sore spot that never would heal
So leave my mind and body alone
You’re driving me crazy and you’re wasting my time
I have not forgotten that a stitch in time saves nine

(Repeat Chorus)

You never fooled anyone, we all know your kind
Trying so hard to be a Cassanova
Your charm’s wearing thin and your voice rings like tin
I won’t tolerate you, you’re bugging me and my friends

(Repeat Chorus)

© 2010 Kate & Anna McGarrigle, All rights reserved.