Hit And Run Love

Hit And Run Love

(words and music Anna McGarrigle/Garden Court Music ASCAP)

He was of medium height
Medium build
Terrible eyes
Dressed to kill
And a smile that unbuttoned my will
Hit and run love
Hit and run love, hit and run love

I was alone
And I was afraid
My fences were down
When contact was made
When contact was made
No formal charges were laid

Then I heard the siren and saw the flashing light
The white-coated medic and the life-support device

In the room where I awoke
A long shadow fell
He came back for my soul
I was very unwell
Had to save what was left of myself

Now the good doctor smiles
But I’m coming apart
And he scratches his head
And studies my chart
“She’s alive but she’s dead”
And the ivy grows around my heart
Hit and run love,
Hit and run love, hit and run love

© 2010 Kate & Anna McGarrigle, All rights reserved.